Real Name

Marc Alexander Garcia




Los Angeles,CA


April 11,1994

Also Known As:

DJ Marc (By Jesse) Markiegee50X (2010) Markiegee65 (2009-2010) Kid Marc (1999-2004) Markie )By everyone)


Pac-Man Sonic Captain Falcon and More


Hero, Gamer, Singer

The Main Character of The TV Show, and the star of the upcoming YouTube Video.


Pacman 1995

Markiegee65 was born in Los Angeles, CA, His Real Name is Marc Garcia, his mom's name is Francheska Garcia and his dad's name is Bryan Garcia. He is the Super Smash Bros. Champion, his uncle died in the war and his grandfather died with a heart attack. His Brother Elijah is also a champion of Super Smash Bros.He has 4 sisters and 5 brothers. He is a Red Sonic, Blue Kirby, Green Samus, Ness, Lucas, Meta Knight and other Super Smash Bros. Characters except for females. (Not actually)

In Fall 2010, he is also known as Markiegee50X, after his long journey with The Video Game Squad.

Currently, he is getting ready for the next Smash Bros. Tournament.


Francheska Garcia (Mother) Played By Maria Canals Barrera

Bryan Garcia (Father) Played By Ricky Thomas

Tiffany Garcia (Sister) Played By Tiffany Thorton

Alexandra Garcia (Sister) Played By Demi Lovato

Elizabeth Garcia (Sister) Played By G. Hannelius

Rachel Garcia (Sister) Played By Meghan Martin

Brian Garcia (Brother) Played By Jake T. Austin

Steve Garcia (Brother) Played By Mitchell Musso

Elijah Garcia (Brother) Played By Elijah Garcia

Justin Garcia (Brother) Played By David Henrie

Kyle Garcia (Brother) Played By Kyle Massey


Marc Garcia (2005-Present)


Well, he has alot of friends so forget about it! Ha ha Ha ha ha ha!!!!!


King Dedede

King Koopa

KIng Koopa's Minions

King Dedede's Minions

Master and Crazy Hand

Every Video Game Villain


"What Happened to Mega Man?"

"King Koopa is dead to me!!!!!"

"Spike Mania!!"



Markiegee65:Eli, what happened here?

Elijahgee50: I don't know.



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