The Hero Of Yoshi's Island

Spike, a cute and adorable character from Super Mario World 2 and Super Smash Bros. He's also a Mascot for Rockin' USA Productions


Spike was born in Yoshi's Island in 1995, his father Pike was the leader of the Yoshi Clan, when his father passed away, his mother Halley wants him to save Yoshi's Island from King Dedede and King Koopa. When he meets Markiegee65, he was so excited to meet a good hero from Los Angeles he became good friends with him. He is also Human, His Real Name is Alex Richards, he was really born In San Jose, CA.


He's a Cyan yoshi, with purple boots and a good personality.

Voice/Live Action ActorsEdit

Jeremy Shada (2005-2006)

Jake T. Austin (2007-2008)

Zach Gordon (2009-2010)

Luke Benward (2010-2012)

Jacob Bertrand (2012-Present)


Markiegee65 (Best Friend)

Jessinator58 (Former Rival/Friend)

KirbyKid (Friendly Rival)

The Girls (They think he's cute)


KingKoopa (Mortal Enemy)

Jessinator58 (Rival)

King Dedede (Enemy)

FireKing (Rival)

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